A Guest Review: Altra Eve

Several months ago I was able to get my hands on a pair of Eve shoes by Altra. Altra is a running shoe
company that takes minimalist shoes, zero drop, seriously. I first became aware of the company thanks
to John. I switched to running in a minimalist shoe in April 2011 and haven’t regretted the decision at
all. So any new minimalist shoe that comes on the market interests me.

I was interested in the Eve but worried that it would be too minimalist for me. I’m not at the complete
zero drop phase in my running yet. I had the chance to try these shoes on at the Rock N Roll STL expo
in October. Once I put them on and walked around for a bit I was in heaven. They were super comfy.
I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t want to take them off. I do believe I walked around and sat around in
them for a good 15-20 min before finally taking them off. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to purchase a pair
at that point because I had already planned to purchase another pair of running shoes that day.

Lucky for me I was able to get my hands on a pair of these. I decided not to wear them for running, still
think they are too minimalist for me. I suffered from a heal fracture in 2009 that kept me from running
for a while and I’m paranoid of hurting that foot again, still have some issues with it. So the minimalist
shoes that offer a bit more cushioning are still what I tend to go towards (in case I have a bad form day
and I heal strike). That being said, I get a lot of wear out of these shoes. I usually wear them when
walking the dog every night, doing errands on the weekends, etc. I’ve even been known to wear them
to work when foot pain kept me from wearing high heels. I was worried about wearing them for too
long as I do still have heal pain but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I have had zero discomfort with these
shoes. With my other tennis shoes that I wear with jeans I have to wear heal inserts or I’m in pain after
an hour of walking. With the Eve’s, I can go hours and feel no pain or discomfort. For me, that’s huge.

I have to say that to me they aren’t the most attractive shoe, although I do really like the coloring.
However I do think they look fine with jeans. If I want to make a fashion statement I’ll wear something
less comfortable, but if I’m going for comfort I grab these 100% of the time. Oh, and in case you are
wondering, I did wear them to work the other day when we had a small amount of snow/ice and I didn’t
slip once while walking outside. Coming from a klutz such as myself, that’s really good.

In case you are wondering where you can buy a pair of these, just ask John. He’ll be happy to go over
details and get a pair ordered for you.

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