Wouldn’t it be great if you could perform your best with just shoes and clothes? Since we as humans are curious people and need a ton of water, we’ve found ways to make ourselves better & more efficient. Below you’ll find some great products to help you run longer.

Bags & Packs

UltrAspire is one of my favorite companies out there.  They just get it. They have a line up of some really great hydration products (handhelds, packs, & belts). However, in order to get that awesome, they’ve done 2 things really well: 1) interacted with their users. They have a base of pro’s (Immortals) that give great insight into their products, and 2) Actually listen to feedback and tweak products accordingly. Also as a dealer, I love working with their staff. They are fun & intelligent folks that provide great customer service. My favorite (and also Trail Runner Magazine’s) is the Alpha Pack. Big enough to carry everything and small enough not to notice it’s there.




Ladies, we have you covered. We offer two great brands of bras that help support all sizes. Handful & Zensah can handle whatever activity you can throw at them. They are well built and stylish.

Handful Bras
Zensah Apparel







Everyone loves a good sock. We sell three brands that work well separately and together. Injinji & DryMax socks are the top of the pack when it comes to feet coverings. We love these brands.

Injinji Performance Toesocks
Injinji Socks
Drymax Socks
Drymax Socks
Zensah Socks



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