If you don’t wear clothes, you’ll be naked.

Pretty simple math actually. So while technically you don’t need to wear shoes to run, you are legally bound to cover yourself up. That’s where we can help. Like most runners, we all have a countless number of race and technical shirts. However, these shirts get funky and they aren’t made to the same standards as the brands Take it on the Run carries. So, when we decided to branch out from just selling shoes, we made sure we could recommend the products. Check out the brands below and let me know how I can help.

Altra Zero Drop


Say what? Yeah, Altra has clothes now and they are really good. At the intersection of form and function, the Altra apparel line up has blended style & function into their entire collection, with quickly adaptable protection from the elements with UV protective properties built in to their ZeroLite fabric.




Oh Craft… The staple for quality in running and cycling clothing. Since 1977 Craft has been actively involved in the research and development of ventilation and moisture dispersal properties for different fabrics. Craft built its reputation from their baselayers and has extended that quality to thier everyday & outerwear garments. They offer simple, effective clothing for athletes. Just put it on and Craft will be with you for the long haul.




Soybu Logo

Soybu is hot fresh and new a Take it on the Run. They offer yoga inspired clothing that you can wear ANYWHERE. Their styles can go from post-sweat to pre-party and no one will know the difference. While Soybu is predominantly Women’s apparel, we offer their Men’s and Children’s lines as well. So you can outfit the entire family in one place!






Much like their shoes, SCOTT’s clothing is not on your radar of awesome. Their stuff is fantastic. They are a double threat offering clothes you can wear on the trail and in real life. A lot of time was dedicated to making you look your best and feel your best wherever you go.