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back2schoolWell Mom & Dad, its about that time again. Time to start stressing about car pools, bus schedules, bed times, and a diet that doesn’t involve 3 Popsicles a day. Whether you want to believe it or not, school is starting in just a few weeks (My wife has to go back August 6th!).

What I remember specifically about going back to school is new shoes. Yes I think about shoes a lot now, but when I was a kid I went to a private grade school. Its not that big of a deal in St. Louis and I wasn’t necessarily privileged either. Anyway, it meant that I had to wear a uniform and the way to stand out or at least express myself in some way was my feet. Shoes were a big deal.

Now I also remember specifically my 8th grade year. I went into the school year as a Men’s size 8 (Samba Classics) and at the end of the year, I left with a shoe size that matched my age, 13 (Nike Air somethings). My mom must have spent a fortune that year on keeping shoes on my feet while still keeping me up to the rigorous fashion requirements for a kid with acne.

While I haven’t been in school lately, I have noticed what kids are wearing  on their feet. After all, they are my future clientele and I shoudl keep up with some of the trends right? I have noticed a couple things. Brands (at least in the primary grades) don’t seem to matter much, but color rules all. the brighter the better. So, here’s a couple of my favorites for school this year that will keep your kids shoes eye popping (and zero drop of course).

Merrell Flux Glove

Merrell Flux Glove 

Merrell is becoming a leader in color combinations for shoes. There’s some Mon & Dad stuff in 2014 that will blow your mind. But they also do a great job at making a great zero drop shoe that will keep your kid running around the playground with a natural stride.

Colors: Green, Orange, Blue, Purple (shown)



Altra Zero Drop Instinct Jr.

While this is pretty much the kid version of the Altra Superior, this shoe is ready for you whippersnapper to go crazy in. This shoe is going to work great on the pavement and on a field at recess.  I would especially recommend this shoe for kids that have a wide foot. Altra has kept the wide toe box intact here.

Colors: Blue, Pink, Red (shown)



So there you go Mom & Dad. Two great shoes for your kid this year. If you would like to know more or purchase these, contact me and I’ll make it easy. Besides you probably need a pair of shoes too, right?

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