Being A Kindrunner Ambassador

Starting today you are going to see a new “movement” in the way some stuff is done with me, my business, and (most importantly) some social responsibility. I’ve been asked by the good people at to be an ambassador for their new site.

At first look you will see that yes they are a running store offering great running stuff… pretty much just like me. So, why would I be an Ambassador for what would seem to be my competition? I’ve weighed the Pro’s and Con’s of this decision and here’s why…

  1. Social Responsibility. I took stock a few days ago and I have a lot of shoes. More than my wife. Possibly more than my wife and my 3 kids combined. Good news is that I use these shoes on a pretty frequent basis, but I know there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel for every pair of them. I know that there are folks out there that are less fortunate than me and would appreciate anything on their feet. Kindrunner works with 2 great organizations Soles for Soles & More Foundation Group to re-purpose used shoes and put them on the feet of people that need them.
  2. No competition. If you take a look at my brand portfolio and Kindrunner’s you’ll notice we don’t sell the same brands. I’ve always focused on more niche, minimal, & trail running brands and you’ll see that Kindrunner has the larger brands you would expect to find in your local running store.

If you need a recap of my brands I currently sell Altra Zero Drop, Merrell, SCOTT Shoes & Apparel, Salomon Shoes & Apparel, DryMax Socks, CEP Compression, Zensah, Yurbuds, and Geigerrig Packs. If you need anything, contact me.

So there you have it. Its business as usual for me, but now I feel like I have a great ally in the running shoe & customer service business.

So, check out KindRunner, get rid of some shoes, and help a great cause.

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