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This is probably the most important page on here. Otherwise, I won’t know what you want or even be able to communicate with you. Frightening. I enjoy working directly with every client I have. It gives me a chance to build a rapport with you and ask questions. I do have some custom items for sale on my marketplace, you can check them out here.

So here’s how this works. Contact me through one of the various methods below. I will probably ask a few questions to make sure we are getting the right fit and BOOM! We’re done. Easy.


There you have it. If you can’t get a hold of me with one of these methods, there’s a problem.

Also, I just want to make sure that you know you don’t have to be local to St. Louis to reap the benefits Take it on the Run. I can ship anywhere in the US and will just add on the cost of shipping to your total (Normally $7-$10).

So, give me a call and lets see what we can do for you.

Thanks again. I look forward to working with you.

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