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Pearl Izumi on the way

That’s correct. Pearl Izumi. The same Pearl Izumi that won Trail Runner Magazine’s “Shoe of the Year“. Yes that Pearl Izumi will be coming to Take it on the Run. but not just the shoes. Pearl Izumi has some of the most functional and just flat out terrific looking running apparel available. The first order will be going out this… Read more →

Chasing the Bird

I would say that I am a fairly laid back kind of guy. I’m more of the opinion that things will happen the way they are supposed to, and it will all work out in the end. I wouldn’t necessarily call this complacency or laziness. I just choose to pick my battles. Having 4 children, I’ve learned this is a… Read more →

Toe Socks and Headwear

I hope everyone’s summer is going swell. I know mine is. Its been jam packed for the family with visits to the Pool, a brief vacation to a large body of water, swim team, gymnastics, softball, t-ball, and a Triathlon (for me). While we all have this great feeling at the beginning of summer that the warm days, no school,… Read more →