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Get Your Stuff Together

Seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve got something out there. Life has been a little crazy lately. Wrangling the 4 children, working a “real” job, and shipping shoes around the world has taken up a lot of time. However, one place in my life that has recently taken a turn for the better and is more organized is my… Read more →

Altra 3-SUM Review

Disclaimer: I sell Altra Zero Drop Footwear and received these shoes from them at no cost to me or my business. You can also see this review on (minus pics of me). I started dabbling in Triathlons last summer. Why? I have no clue, but I got my hands on a free bike (think “American Flyers” starring Kevin Costner… Read more →

Altra Superior Review

I typically wait about 50 miles or so to get a review of some shoes in. However, since I subscribe or have subscribed to every shoe in Altra’s foot arsenal, I am confident with this review after 16 miles of trail fun. The trails include everything from single track technical to wide open sandy river paths. So, here goes: I.… Read more →