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It is Time

Well, Tomorrow will be the official 2 year anniversary of Take it on the Run (per my LLC filing with the state).  From it’s inception I’ve been here to offer quality running brands you might not find at every store, save you a buck or two when available, and provide a different experience for consumers. I think buying shoes and… Read more →

I’ve got a new business

Well, I guess its not necessarily a “new” business. I’ve been selling shoes since Sept 2011. However, I now I am just getting around to taking it more seriously and legitimizing it. As I am plodding through this new venture of mine, I’d just like you to bear with me. Starting a business is a little harder than I had… Read more →

Congrats to Altra!

I figure I would do a really quick post about Altra Zero Drop being named “Best Debut” 2012 by Runner’s World Magazine in the March Issue. You can read a blog post by Altra about it here. I have blogged previously about these shoes and they are still my go-to shoe for running. They are incredibly light and comfortable. They have… Read more →

I have a business… Oh Crap

I started this blog awhile back to kind of start tracking my running thoughts, ask lengthy questions about stuff I encountered, and like most people to try and make a buck here or there. So far all three are working out. You all have been great reading my ramblings and providing feedback. Its the “making a buck” part that I… Read more →