Double UltrAspire Review & Giveaway

You read that right. I’m going to review two items. While they work amazingly well as separate entities, they form a Voltron of Incredibleness when paired together.

Now that Fall is in full swing, I am all over the trails. There is truly nothing I love more when it comes to running than being on some single track, with no cell coverage, & just knocking off miles. My runs aren’t necessarily long since I’ve got a full house of children at home, but they are long enough to warrant some nutrition and fluids. It’s tricky to figure out what to carry with runs in this distance/time, and maybe I’m over analyzing them, but here’s the dilemmas I face:

  1. I need water, but don’t want to carry a hydration belt. I’ve tried so many of them, and hydration belts just aren’t that comfortable for me.
  2. I need nutrition but my shorts/tights/manspanx only have 1 (or zero) pockets. Once I put my car key fob in that pocket, I don’t have enough space for much of anything else.
  3. While I love my hydration packs for long runs, they are a bit bulky for just 90 minutes or so. I want to have the stuff I need but not know it’s there.
UltrAspire Isometric Pocket
UltrAspire Isometric Pocket

So, until recently, I’ve just kind of pieced together stuff on my runs or just ended up hungry & dehydrated. Then I met UltrAspire. I was totally against handheld hydration in the beginning of the year. I thought it would weigh me down and my arms & neck would hurt from carrying one around. However, after a scare I had earlier this year with dehydration in Arizona, I decided I needed water with me for anything over 45 min (or less depending on the heat). So I tried the UltrAspire Isometric Pocket. After the first run I was hooked. It wasn’t bulky or heavy. I switched hands after every mile or so and there was no fatigue in the arms or neck. The water kept cool even on hot days and my sweaty hands. Hydration dilemma solved.

Now on to the “How do I carry my keys and nutrition with me?” issue… While the Isometric pocket does have a pocket to carry keys or whatnot. It doesn’t hold too much more. I like to carry fruit snacks with me on my runs (Poor man’s GU). I’ve got 4 kids and can’t spend $2 per GU. But I digress… I like to take them every half an hour or so. So on runs over an hour long I need at least 3 of them( gotta have a spare just in case). So with no room in my pants for this kind of cargo, UltrAspire sent me a Quantum Belt. I admit I was skeptical to wear it at first. I didn’t think it would be comfortable and thought it would probably end up around my ankles by the end of the first mile. I was totally wrong. The belt fit awesome and after the first mile, instead of pulling it up from around my ankles, I had already forgotten it was there. It was super comfortable and carried all of my stuff.

UltrAspire Quantum Belt
UltrAspire Quantum Belt

I really put it to the test two weeks ago at the Skippo 30K. I am weary to take GU these days. I never train with it and only use it when offered at aid stations at races. Also, you never know what flavor you are gonna get, if there’s caffeine, etc. So, for this race, I had to be spot on my with my nutrition. So, I carried my own. I carried 3 packs of fruit snacks and 2 Clif Bars in the belt with no issues. I also used the back adjustment strap to carry my gloves once the temps got warm enough in the middle of the race. This thing passed with flying colors and nutrition is no longer an issue on the tails. What you can’t really get from the pics on their site is how low profile the thing is. Also, I didn’t tuck my shirt into it because I didn’t want to look like a tourist, but to each his own. Oh and I did fail to mentioned it has hooks for a race bib also. It is such a simple design and yet so functional.

So that’s it. I am waiting to hear back from UltrAspire on if I can do a giveaway of one of their Isometric Pockets. So until that time, I suggest you contact me and just look into purchasing one and a Quantum belt also. I’ll wrap both of them up in a nice deal for you.

Give me a ring at 314-246-9225 or shoot me an email at

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