Gotta be the Fuse

Merrell AllOut Fuse
Merrell AllOut Fuse

Recently I’ve been sidelined with some ankle injuries and my running has taken a hit. I won’t get into it because honestly I don’t know what’s going on. However, I can say we are getting better and just in time for a review of the Merrell AllOut Fuse.

With my injury I have had to take a step back form my Zero Drop heaven and explore some other options. Saints be praised for this shoe. It is so light weight, breathable, and yet somehow sturdy & forgiving at the same time.

I’ll start with the mid-sole because it’s the part of the shoe that is getting the most updates across the industry. Like other brands Merrell has added some squish to their midsole with this model. However, they have really kept the integrity of their barefoot design by not going all HOKA & Altra Olympus on it. They’ve added just a bit of the soft good stuff in the forefoot and a wee bit more in the heel giving a nice 6mm drop. As someone who is really paying attention to form and foot strike right now the cush in the back is wonderful.  This padding and lift in the heel will also make for a great walking shoe when you can use a little more junk in the trunk.

Allout Fuse Tread. Image courtesy of RunBlogger.

Next we’ll chat about the tread on this guy. The tread is something pretty cool. While is doesn’t look like much those little pinwheels provide some pretty good grippiness on the trail yes a smooth transition on the road. I will say that I didn’t take these out on some epic singletrack adventure, but on semi-groomed trails, they worked well. With this unique tread I can see this being a go-to road shoe for some but a really nice Door-To-Trail hybrid. In other words, versatile as the day is long.

Finally the upper. These shoes have lots of ROOM for your feet to party. The toe is rounded quite well which provides an awesomely wide toebox. I’m talking Altra Toe Box Wide. The heel has some nice padding around it to help it stay put on your ankle and reduce chaffing. While I don’t recommend running without socks, you might be able to get away with these. The upper is a mix of both synthetic mesh and good ol leather that forms a Voltron of Quality protecting your foot from the most evil of nature’s Robeasts…. Even this guy.

Closest thing I could find to an acorn & a gumball mix.


Finally, here’s the stats on the shoes from Merrell’s Website. I’ll also remind you now that I sell these shoes and they are worth the money. CONTACT ME to purchase this shoe or any others you might be interested in.


Responsive, resilient and flexible, these supple running shoes let you go all out on the trail. A triad of features unleashes your natural form for your best run: natural shaping to activate your foot’s responsiveness and control, UniFly™ impact absorption system for soft landings and firm takeoffs and confident, multi-directional M Select GRIP traction for animal-like agility over terrain.

• Mesh, synthetic and leather upper
• Protective toecap
• Reflective details for increased visibility in low light
• Merrell Omni-Fit Lacing system provides a precise, glove-like fit
• Breathable mesh lining treated with M Select FRESH odor control
• Wash as needed in cold water (gentle cycle) air dry

• UniFly™ Midsole disperses impact and stabilizes for a solid takeoff
• M Select GRIP tunes each outsole with durable traction that grips when and where you need it

Men’s Weight: 8oz

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