Happy “Shoe” Year 2014

See what I did there?

Well it is 2014 and I am thoroughly excited for what’s coming out with the shoes I am selling. I am going to give you a quick and dirty rundown of all the awesomeness that I cannot wait for. So, in no particular order, here goes:


Merrell is a shoe company that is totally flying under the radar. Their running shoes are not only well made, they really take into consideration your foot’s actual shape. Crazy. I know. Well they are coming out with a shoe line that is going to put them on the radar. The All Out Fuse & All Out Rush. Merrell is taking a step in the cushion direction with these two offerings. The Fuse is going to be a more Door-to-Trail hybrid shoe and the Rush will be for trail running. Both are build on their M-Connect platforms so your feet should be happy.

Meet the Merrell All-Out twins.

Merrell All Out Rush
Merrell All Out Rush
Merrell All Out Fuse


OlympusAltra has a ton of new stuff coming out. They are revamping just about every shoe they have and coming out with some new ones to boot. Actually Altra deserves their own article because they are almost blowing everything up and putting it back together with great color combinations. What I am mostly excited about and what is going to make the biggest splash, is no doubt the Olympus. They are taking aim at Hoka on this one and will hit the mark no doubt…

Oh, and their are coming out with some clothing options too. Think socks and compression.


Last year was the breakout year for SCOTT shoes. Their Kinabalu came out and landed on the feet of a lot of fast people. Not to sit back and be complacent, they are coming out with some new shoes this year also. My favorite is their new Trail Rocket. Sounds fast right? Well instead of me trying to tell you all about it, check out the speed demon Sage Canaday and his review.

SCOTT Trail Rocket


With all these companies stepping up their game Salomon had to do the same. They started this in 2013 with thierr Sense line of shoes. Now 2014 looks like there will be more and more expansion. Salomon is coming out with their -Scream shoe that is going to be a “city trail” shoe. Or, in other words, a trail/road hybrid. As always, Salomon knows how to make quality products that just look fantastic.

Salomon X-Scream
Salomon X-Scream

S0… There you have it. I am so pumped to be able to offer these shoes to the running public. As always, CONTACT ME to inquire about any of the shoes you see above or anything else.

Seriously CONTACT ME. Lets make some running magic happen.

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