It is Time


Thoughtful John
Why am I thanking everyone?

Tomorrow will be the official 2 year anniversary of Take it on the Run (per my LLC filing with the state).  From it’s inception I’ve been here to offer quality running brands you might not find at every store, save you a buck or two when available, and provide a different experience for consumers. I think buying shoes and clothes out of a guy’s trunk constitutes “different experience”. And for those of you have purchased things out of my trunk or basement, I cannot thank you enough for your continued support. Also thank you to the fine people in Norway, Sweden, UK, & Ireland for trusting me with your money and your orders. Without people like you embracing change or at least something outside of the box I wouldn’t exist.

I would also like to thank my vendors for taking a chance on a guy, a dream, and a limited ordering budget. Altra was the first brand I sold. I remember tweeting at them just joking saying that I would sell their shoes out of my car, and they said “Ok, lets run a credit check.” From there, I’ve ballooned to about 14 different brands here and there. 4 different shoe lines, some clothing, gear, socks, & headphones. So big props to my Vendors. Without you, I wouldn’t have anything to sell, and thank you for letting me pass along your awesomeness.

So why am I writing this sappy blog post? Well, yesterday I had an epiphany of sorts. A decision had to be made that either 1) ideas needed to be put into action and make this business bigger, or 2) fold up shop, be grateful for the opportunity, and carry on. See, I’ve had some great ideas, opening a shoe store in my home/automobile, delivering shoes to clients, and that mustache you see to the right. All great ideas but where are they taking me? Why haven’t I capitalized more on them? Why? I thought about it a lot. I went back and forth on my options and decided that I would take the first step into making this business into something more than a hobby. That’s right I’ve applied for a small business loan. It’s the first step of hopefully many to grow my corner of the retail business. Big things are coming.

For now, I’ll leave my plans off the internets. There is competition in the marketplace and well one wouldn’t want their ideas being hijacked. Until then, buy early and buy often from the smallest business you know.

– John

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