I’ve got a new business

Well, I guess its not necessarily a “new” business. I’ve been selling shoes since Sept 2011. However, I now I am just getting around to taking it more seriously and legitimizing it.

As I am plodding through this new venture of mine, I’d just like you to bear with me. Starting a business is a little harder than I had thought. There is a ton of trial and even more error involved.  I wish there was a book about it. Better yet, I wish there was a “to do” list for it complete with an attachment of all the things to look out for (like how much it costs to ship something). Since I haven’t found one and I may be too stubborn to try really terribly hard to locate one, I am going to just push through this and make awesome happen on my own.

However, in my breif search for my “How to” pamphlet, the best thing I have read about starting up a business isn’t from some book with a title about being rich. Its actually from Steve over at Nerd Fitness. I was actually thinking about the underpants gnomes the other day and remembered Steve’s post. It is actually really an incredible motivational tool wrapped in underpants. After reading it I realized that my “pile of underpants” is sitting right in front of me and I am way closer to turning those drawers into profit than I realized. Give it a read.

3 Steps to Success
3 Steps to Success

That’s it, back to my attempt at creating a business..

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