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It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote something down. Ok like a year. It’s been a year. And it’s been the most busy year we’ve had both with Take it on the Run and with life in general. I mean we got a new logo and everything. Anyway, I don’t think life is going to settle down any time soon either. So, while I’ve go a few minutes, let me summarize what the heck just happened here in the last few months.

  • We went to Chicago – First off you might notice that I’m using “we” more in my writing, that is because my wife has really stepped up and has been a huge help growing the business. It was because of this trip to Chicago that sparked her new found enthusiasm. I took her up to a Women’s running trade show. It was an excuse to get her out of the house and no laundry for 3 days! While we were in Chicago, she was amazed at the great people in this industry and realized runners don’t just talk about PR’s and Fartleks. She made some new connections with new brands and we’ve expanded our lines. (more in a bit)
  • Take it on the Run hosted an Underwear & Sock drive for The Little Bit Foundation. We had a great evening of shopping in our home and got bucket loads of new clothes for kids that need them.
  • We helped bring Kathrine Switzer to St. Louis for a Girls on the Run event. I took my girls to the event and it was incredible. Kathrine was such an inspiration for them and to watch them listen (for a whole hour) to her story was great. They were thoroughly entranced the whole night. A_great_night_for_my_girls._I_hope_they_realize_how_empowered_they_can_be.__3run4__3run4
  • We brought on a ton of new stuff. Here’s what we’ve added.
    • Soybu – Think Yoga-ish clothes that you can wear anywhere. Women’s, Men’s, and Kids!!! We can outfit your entire family now.
    • Nuu-Muu – Dresses you can sweat in and still look good. Not kidding. Running, Tennis, Golf, or just about anything.
    • Tailwind – Some of the best fuel for your run. All the calories you need in your bottle.
    • OSMO – Gender Specific nutrition developed by an Athlete that just also happens to be a doctor.
  • We made more Hats. Get your STL Trucker Hats y’allOh_man_these__STL_Trucker_hats_turned_out_amazing._Thanks__bocogear._There_s_a_limited_number_of_them_so_act_fast.
  • We helped Sponsor 2 races in town: Mark Twain 50/100 & Get Your Butt Kicked on Route 66
  • And we’ve been working some charity events around town

I think that brings you up to speed with what’s up over here. It’s never a dull moment and we’ve got a bunch of good stuff happening all the time. I promise I’ll write more, until then, let us know if we can help you!!!!



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