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Welcome to Take it on the Run!

First to clear the air. I know we are operating out of guise of but due to the popularity of the REO Speeedwagon song and the fact that is already taken and I don’t have the funds to try and purchase it, this is what you get. Regardless, you’ll remember “Take it Running” the day after a few drinks…

So, what can you expect on this site?

I’ll be writing about running related topics, maybe posting a few articles I come across, but in the end, I want your running business. While I live in the St. Louis, MO area, I can take care of your needs across this great land of ours. Where other stores, say “No”, I say “What the heck. Lets give it a try.” While I might not have stock readily available for you. I can promise you I will win you over with Customer Service and most important (arguably) PRICE.

I don’t own a store, pay rent, or anything else. I operate through various social media outlets and by word of mouth. It works and I happy customers all over the US.


Currently, I carry 3 brands: Altra Zero Drop, SCOTT Running, & Salomon ShoesApparel, & all the other Trail Running stuff the sell. These brands were picked for a couple reasons:

  1. Quality of the product. I don’t buy crap and I don’t sell it either. I would not sell you anything I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing. Also I am confident these products will hold up to whatever beating you want to give them.
  2. Harder to find brands. You can go anywhere and find more well known brands and that would just make me a normal schmoe trying to make a buck.
  3. Support for me. I’m only as good as the brands I represent. The folks at these companies take great pride in their product and offer outstanding support to their vendors.

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