Puffy Cloud Shoe War

Greetings everyone. With the IRRA Running Event closing up shop in Austin Last weekend, there were a lot of new fun and exciting items. This is not a post about that event. Sorry to burst your bubble. Next year, if the budget is willing, we’ll get down there.

Altra Logo

Anyway, while I wasn’t there, there were some new items from my friends at Altra Running that were displayed. One of which is available for ordering RIGHT NOW! It’s called the Torin. I am eagerly awaiting a pair of these to show up at my doorstep so I can break them in. The Torin is essentially Altra’s shot at getting into the Puffy Cloud Shoe market or pretty much go head to head with Hoka One One.

If you aren’t familiar with Hoka’s, don’t worry. they are a relatively new phenomenon in the shoe world and are geared towards the Ultra Marathon crowds who need crazy cushioning for long distances. People love them and swear by them. And while they look like the most anatomically incorrect shoe in the world, they have a very modest heel:toe gradient (3 – 4.5mm). But this isn’t a post about them and they get no more free advertising.

Anyway, Altra introduces the Torin to combat the Swollen Sole Monster mentioned above. I think its a smart move on their part. Altra’s grown a great following in the short time they have been around and the Torin is a great new addition to the family. Here’s a look at the Torin.

Altra Torin


As always if you are interested, contact me. Also, look for a more lightweight racer and tri shoe coming out in the next few months from Altra. Good things happening over there.

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