Race Report: Make Tracks for the Zoo

Races are supposed to test our physical limits. We train for them for months and then we put it all out there to see if the training has paid off.

Something very humbling happened this weekend. The annual Make Tracks for the Zoo race took place and I had signed the family up for it a few months back. With life being a in complete disarray the last few weeks with life, the wife and I didn’t take much time to plan out our attack of this until the Thursday or Friday before. The way the events were scheduled, there was the 5k at 7:30am and the kids 6 & under 1/4mile run scheduled at 9am. It was going to be my wife and I’s first 5k and it would be our girls first race ever. Pretty exciting. The week leading up to it, I wasn’t really sure how I would handle a 5k as I’m not necessarily built for a lot of speed (but I have my moments). Anyway, I was pretty confident I could pull off something in the low 7min/mile pace.

Well, as we began to get the logistics put together for getting the kids ready in the morning and everything else it takes for us to get out the door (did I mention we had an open house later on that day we also needed to be ready for?), it became apparently obvious that a 7:30am 5k was not in the cards for either my wife or me. The day after this realization, I was bummed. I love races. I love seeing how good I can do, pushing myself, and then finishing. Its the greatest feeling. However, its all about me. How I feel. How fast I can go. There’s never anyone else involved with me & running and I can do whatever I want.

I have been pretty blessed with a wife that understands my running addiction and a work schedule/facility that accomodates my habit. With these two things working in almost perfect unison, its easy to become really selfish. Things changed a bit and I may have done a little growing up with this race.

We got to the Zoo at 8am-ish, in no particular hurry to be at the starting line. My kids were kind of excited and kind of not sure about all the people around. They are crazy in their own right, but stay close to us in new situations. So we all get herded to start line for what is going to be a completely packed 1/4 mile run. As we start off, the girls aren’t sure what to do. I kind of run ahead to see if they will chase me but they stayed close to mom. My youngest girl even started to cry a bit. At this point I think that I may have scarred them for life and turned them off to running forever. However, almost half-way something clicked with them. I looked at both of them adn they are smiling and running. For the next 1/8 of a mile we were dodging people and having a great time. It was over way too soon.

I’ll update this in the next few days with some pictures, but wanted to get this out there.

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