SCOTT Shoes for 2012

I know most of you are familiar with the Nike, Brooks, & New Balances of the world. They are very good/large shoe companies that provide shoes for everyone. They have yearly marketing budgets that are more than I will probably make in my lifetime. From my experience with them (minus Nike as I haven’t used them as a running shoe) they provide quality products for the masses. But I don’t want to sell their shoes.

Since about August/September 2011 time-frame I started this little business venture for two reasons: 1) I wanted a shoe that was hard to get in my area and 2) I wanted to provide shoes that were hard to get in my area. So far so good.

With that, I thought I would announce that I have no idea of any other SCOTT Running shoe dealer in the United States. There isn’t much buzz on the social media feeds and in the mid-west, I just don’t see a lot of advertising for them. Also if you try to find how much a shoe cost, good luck. Its tough. Which is great for me & you. Here’s why. I basically run a shoe store out of my house. So, no rent, overhead, etc. I have a “real” job that pays the bills. This running thing is just a way to supplement my running and keep my wife from yelling at me when I buy another pair of shoes.

With that, I want to buy some new shoes. SCOTT has just came out with some new models and they look 10x better than last years. From a design perspective, they are really picking it up. So, like always, if you are interested, let me know.

SCOTT Race Rockers (super pumped about these)
SCOTT eRide Grips
SCOTT Aztec 3

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