SCOTT, You had me at hello.

From time to time (and you will see it more and more often this year) I call on some other folks to review products. 1) Because there’s no way I can afford to buy that many shoes, and 2) I can’t wear women’s shoes & clothes. Enter my good friend/customer Jennifer. Jen and I go way back to high school where we didn’t really hang out. After about 15 years we both figured out we liked running and I sold Jen her first pair of SCOTTs, the T2C EVO’s. Now she’s moved on to her second pair and has graciously provided her literary skills for my site. This is kind of a love-letter/review of her experience with the shoes she’s had.

Disclaimer: besides being a pretty good runner, Jen is a busy mom & real estate guru here in St. Louis. She’s the Mayor of Amazing Things over at Own STL.

I have been a runner for years.  More for the pure enjoyment of being alone rather than the sport.  I would register for the occasional 5/10k to support a charity, to join friends, or simply because they offered free beer at the finish line.  My running shoes were always Asics or Nike.  I didn’t really look too much at being efficient or my foot strike as I ran junk miles in small circles.  Last year I decided to take my running a little more seriously and I signed up for the Rock n’ Roll halfer.  I started my training with my tried and true kicks.  Honestly, I thought they were doing their job.  I was having shin pain and lower back aches but training 4+ times a week I was expecting worse (like problems I would need vaseline or tequila to resolve). My pal John shared these awesome pictures of sneakers on Instagram and that lead me to comment on a pair…enter my first pair of Scotts.  I did very little research before I bought them. I kind of took John’s word for it that they were badarse running shoes.  

KinbaluBoxWhen I first opened the box I thought holy hell these are those Sketcher Shape Up shoes in disguise. (I purchase things heavily on their packaging, like wine and cookies).  I loved the look of these shoes other than the fact I thought they were going to add 4” to my height and maybe give me the ability to turbo jump.  I took them for a spin through downtown and my life changed forever.  No kidding. The shoes were so lightweight and that Aero Foam provided the perfect amount of cushion for a long run.  That day and those shoes altered the course of how I ran.  I started to improve my running pace, I was able to go longer distances because my shins weren’t on fire, and of course, I could turbo jump.  If I had not joined friends on a trail run and sunk my shoes into a hill of mud, I would not have needed to purchase my 2nd pair so quickly.  I am glad it happened though, because now I’m the proud owner of a pair of Scott T2 Kinabalus.  They are green, they ooze speed, and they have a water drainage system built in.  Because I’m sure John won’t mind, take 15% off.  Make yourself a better runner.  Hurry, do it.

Typically I don’t let just anyone offer a discount on shoes, but if you contact me and mention #OWNSTL, I’ll knock 15% off the price of a pair of SCOTTs.

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