Selfish Goals

As discussed in my last post, I’ve ran a half marathon. It was barely running but I will take credit for it. I’ve actually ran 2 in my short running career. Both were the Lewis & Clark Half Marathon here in the St. Louis area. However, the Halfs were completed back in 2006 & 2007 and the website for them is non-existent right now so you will just have to take my word for it. Regardless, it has been awhile since I’ve tackled something like this distance.

With the previous two races, I’ve gone in expecting nothing more than to finish the first and to beat my time on the second. Both goals accomplished. Now that I’ve signed up for the Rock n Roll St. Louis Half I am trying to figure out what kind of goal to set for myself. My dilemma is that I want this goal to be achievable but I want to work to accomplish it. The first two Half goals while difficult at the time, in retrospect really weren’t that tough. The first Half was finished in 2:38 and the second in 2:08 (there is about a 30lb weight difference when I was running these).

So what do I do? How do I figure out a goal that’s tough but fair? I’ll be honest and admit that I am a little vain when it comes to my running and I am first and foremost out there to make myself happy. The reciprocal of me being happy is I am a better husband/father, I am more productive at work, and I am an overall nice guy. So, I want a goal that is achievable with substantial effort not just to benefit myself, but all of those around me. It’s pretty messed up that a race could actually make or break my mood for some time, but where’s the fun in not challenging myself?

My fastest 5k’ish distance is just over 21 min or right at a 7min/mile. My PR for a 10k was just this past July and I came in at 47:01 which is a 7:33 pace. Consequently if I were to stay around a 7:33 pace I would be close to beating my first half time by 1 hour, but I want to be honest with myself here also and I don’t think I am able to sustain that pace for that distance, yet.

So, being still kind of a newbie at running I have no idea how to figure out how how these times carry over to a longer run like a half for me. I am asking for some help from you. Thankfully, I have somewhat of a decent following only after one post and the running community across the Internet is very supportive and helpful. So supportive/helpful running community, what’s a realistic goal for me? A sub 2hr Half would be awesome but I think I can do that and a 1hr 38 min Half is an uncomfortable stretch for me. I need some happy medium. I should probably just sack up and just pick a time, but that takes the whole “Social” aspect out of this and being self admittedly vain, your opinions matter to me. At the end of the day, I am essentially looking for a time to beat here,but I am also willing to accept other goals to achieve during this race that don’t put my dignity at risk.

I am excited to hear your feedback.

Oh also if you want to play around with a pace calculator there is a good one here.

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