Shoes are awesome. Plain and simple.

From the second you crack the box and that new shoe smell hits your nose to their last mile, your running shoes will go on some pretty epic journeys. I’m here to make sure you get the right shoe and they stay on your feet as long as possible. I’ve run in a lot of different brands, and I think I’ve done a good job of working with the best out there. Does you local running store carry these brands but not the color or model you want? Why settle for their stock? I got you covered. I order direct from the manufacturers and will get you running in the shoes YOU want asap. Check out the brands below and let me know how I can help.


Altra Zero DropAs their name would lead you to believe, Altra’s shoes are all Zero Drop. That is your heel and forefoot are level as if you were standing barefoot. They are a relatively new company but have gained a lot of great press in their short existence. there’s a little piece of my heart that belongs to Altra because they were the first brand I carried and how I got started in this whole business.

Altra has now expanded to a full line of great shoes for the road or the trail. They’ve done a great job of keeping their models consistent with sizing and at the same time providing a different experience with every Shoe.



Really? Merrell? For running? You betcha. Merrell has recently developed their M-Connect line of shoes that offer a minimal approach to running. Their shoes range from 0 – 6mm of drop and come in some amazing colors. These shoes look good on the road or out in public. I’ve found these shoes to be extremely well made and durable.┬áTheir line includes trail and road shoes, but there are some hybrid models you can pull double duty with.

For those of you Merrell traditionalists or hikers, I can slap some of their hiking boots or casual shoes on your feet too. I’m a one-stop Merrell shoe store.



SCOTT_LOGO_BLACKIf you ride bikes, you know SCOTT. However, SCOTT is the best running shoe brand you’ve probably never heard of. They have taken a bit more of a traditional approach with their shoes offering a drop of 5 – 11mm. In the last couple years they have really upped their presence in the Running world. They are sponsoring some of the greatest Ultra runners out there, and their shoes are tearing it up around the world.

With this increased presence their design team has bee working hard to put out some of the coolest looking shoes you can find. If you prefer a more traditional shoe in terms of heel:toe drop, give SCOTT shoes a chance and you will not be disappointed.


karhulogoKarhu has been in the running world for a loooong time. They are pioneers in speed and design. I mean, do you think a certain 3 stripe company came up with that iconic design all by themselves???? Karhu’s running shoes use a patented Fulcrum system that has been proven to decrease the bounce in a runner’s gait. So just think, all that energy you are putting into your workouts will now move you more forward instead of up and down. Efficiency at work people.