Summer Wrap Up & Fall Redemption

Summer Time

Ok, so I was looking at the last several posts on here and they all basically say “Hey, guess what new exciting thing I am selling now.” While I understand that’s how businesses operate (Sell product & Make money), I think I can say I got a little caught up in all the cool stuff I’m able to offer and haven’t just put down any real thoughts. I figure the best way to go about this is to give you a Summer wrap up that will contain all kinds of Life stuff, some (Brief) race reports, and preview what is to hopefully be a better trail season this fall/winter.

MaeveThe Summer for me just culminated a couple weeks ago with the birth of my 4th child, Maeve Mary. She’s more than I could have ever wanted and about as perfect as you can get. The anticipation leading up to meeting her for the first time was tense to say the least. I think my wife and I were both ready to meet her back in June. So now that she’s here, life feels like it is moving forward once again and we can focus on the family unit. I also have just realized that I have a tremendous modeling/sales staff with my kids. I just need to teach them about, lacing, mid-sole & upper materials, and the difference between brands. This is my equivalent of a family band.

So, while we were waiting for the newest to arrive, I blew off some stress in the form of Triathlons this summer. Prior to this summer I had only done one. I started off in July with the Flatter-than-Flat Newtown Tri. It was my very first go at swimming in open water. About 5 minutes into the swim, I was questioning why I even got into the water. I was out of gas and the nerves of life had overtaken me. At the first buoy, I slowed it down for a sec and re-grouped. From there I was nails (relative to what I thought I could do). If I could do it all over, I wish I would have hurried it up a bit on T1. However I learned a lot from this one and would use it in my next Tri at the end of the summer.




So fast forward to August 24th and the Lake St. Louis Triathlon. This has been on my radar for awhile and I figured that I needed to try my hand at an Olympic distance Tri. This race was quite a departure from the last one. There would be no pancakes to ride & run on. It was a hilly course. I knew that going in. I had some good rides & runs under my belt but my swimming was probably a little under prepared. I did however come to the realization that I didn’t need socks when I rode my bike and that made the difference in the T1 time. I still fumbled like a moron but shaved a ton of time off of it. Looking back at this with the hills & the heat, it was possibly the hardest race I’ve ever done. What is funny is that I found that as the distance got longer over these two races, my placing in them got better. By no means I am setting records or standing on the podium, but it does beg the question, if I suffer more do I get better? That will have to be answered in years to come…

Fall Smells of Redemption

The Fall/Winter of 2012 & 2013 were some times that I do not want to re-live as it comes to running. What I thought in Sept 2012 to be a high ankle sprain turned out to be a stress fracture. I had to drop the Mo’Cowbell ( first time ever dropping a race) and dropped down from the 30k to a 10k in the Skippo. Then in the Winter, I had a fever & terrible sinus infection for The Castlewood Cup 15k & DNF’d (First time for that also) the Quivering Quads trail half marathon. Needless to say, I want these races back and I want to destroy them. So, it all starts this weekend with the MO Cowbell Half-Marathon. Now due to the arrival of my newest child, my training hasn’t been what you would call consistent, but I think the mileage is there and I know I can sustain a pretty good level of effort for at elast 2 hours. So, we shall see what happens. My PR for a half is 1:42 and I’d love to beat it. Its iffy but doable and If the stars align and the wind is at my back, my stretch goal is a 1:38 (which will be exactly 1 hour off my first Half Marathon). We’ll see about the stretch goal, but the course is super flat and should be fast.

The Skippo isn’t about a specific time but it’s about building up my mileage to get to that 30K mark, having fun, and FINISHING. More updates to come on that as time goes on.

So that’s it. Stuff is going to start getting busy in the world of racing for me and I just hope I can stay injury free for all of it. Oh and by the way, Expect a big announcement in the next week or so with more cool stuff on the way!


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