Taper? damn near killed ‘er

Yeah that was a bad title but I am sleep deprived. So it is officially 1 week away from Rock ‘n Roll St. Louis where I am doing the Half Marathon. The last time I ran a half mary it was 2007 and I was about 40lbs heavier. I finished in 2:08. I was happy with that but it gave me a different kind of feeling. Like I could do it faster. This is my year to prove that. With the training I have put in and how my average runs go, I don’t have much doubt in my head that I will break 2 hours. But by how much? So with this forum, I am publicly stating my goal is 1:50 with a stretch goal of 1:45. The whole not knowing how the race will go is killing me. I am already on anti-anxiety meds and I may have to double up this week to keep my nerves at bay.

Lets do This!

So other than crawling up the walls at home and being a complete idiot at home, I need to taper. I’ve never really tapered before. I mean I was really fat and lazy in college but I don’t think you are supposed to taper for 4.5 years. I do remember the swimmers in my fraternity tapering before their big year-end races. They were little bundles of energy by the end of the week. That’s what I want to be like by the end of this week. However,  I don’t know how to do it. I mean I know I am supposed to back way off the miles which won’t be a huge problem, but what am I supposed to do when I eat and the other 22 hours in the day? I am going to give up the booze for starters. While I am getting back to liking beer again and wine is a sweet, sexy lady, I need to give it up. Now the question that has me stumped… What am I supposed to eat?

I have read different things from different corners of the internet that give anything from upping the carbs (whole wheat type stuff) and cutting out proteins from animals to a dropping carbs and stacking up on protein. There are many different opinions out there and I don’t know what to do. To kind of follow up that question, I have also been experiencing some Exercise Induced Explosive Arse. Anywhere from mile 8 – mile 12 of my runs over the past several months, I have experienced… well, the runs. I think if I can solidify up my diet this week I can nip that problem in the butt (pun intended).

So what has worked for you when tapering and with your diet? I’d like to know.

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