Time to Give Back

Admittedly its a bit excessive

For me, getting a new pair of shoes is an amazing experience. I mean opening the box, the smell of them, and then that first look at them and thinking, “Where are these going to take me?” I mean it’s a huge part of why I got went into business. To help others get some new Shoes.

However, I’ve been thinking lately at how blessed I am to have this business. It has done a lot for me. I’ve got to interact with people from all over the world and even travel a wee bit. It has been a great experience…  Until now, its has been pretty much just about me.  I’m very aware of this and have tried to think of a way to give back a little bit. Regretfully I’ve have just thought about it and haven’t acted upon any ideas.

Thankfully, I got a call about 2 weeks ago from the MORE Foundation. It was my chance to act upon my desire to actually do something for someone other than myself. After a quick chat with them, I’ve decided to be a drop off center for old shoes.

To simply put it, here’s what the MORE Foundation does:

MORE Foundation

We are asking for used athletic shoes to fight poverty, hunger, and global warming. This is accomplished by educating small farmers in the use of the MORE Farming System. This is the entire focus of MORE Foundation Group, a Not-for-profit Foundation registered in Delaware. We are 100% funded from the sale of ‘gently used athletic shoes’. Of the one billion pair of shoes placed in landfills each year we only need a few hundred thousand of those to reach a tipping point.


So, there you have it. It’s a pretty simple request. I want your old shoes. Now, while this post probably applies to folks here in St. Louis and surrounding area. I ask that instead of letting your shoes just site there in your garage, put them to good use and let someone else enjoy them. For your nearest donation center, check their link here.

So for those of you in St. Louis, contact me and give me your gently used shoes. Also, for anyone who donates shoes until August 31st, I’ll knock 10% off your purchase of a new pair of shoes. Its the circle of life.

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