Toe Socks and Headwear

I hope everyone’s summer is going swell. I know mine is. Its been jam packed for the family with visits to the Pool, a brief vacation to a large body of water, swim team, gymnastics, softball, t-ball, and a Triathlon (for me). While we all have this great feeling at the beginning of summer that the warm days, no school, and overall laid-backness will never end, it always does… I think I realized it for the first time this week.

Well, there’s the update on me. Now for some exciting stuff at Take it on the Run. I am again expanding my brand portfolio. I will be an authorized dealer for Injinji socks & will have some awesome Visors & Hats from Headsweats.


If you are like me you are always in search for the perfect shoe/sock combo. It’s an ongoing search with every new shoe I try out. What’s awesome is that I can rely on my Injinji’s to be that sock in about 80% of my shoes. This goes for Running and Work. If you just thought these socks were for Vibram wearers, think again. When I moved to a Zero drop shoe, I realized I was starting to blow out the sides of my socks due to my new found footstrike. I was also getting some bunion-like pain in my big toe. Then it hit me, my socks were constricting my toes. If running with a mid/forefoot strike is the way to go (which it is for me), I gotta give my feet the best chance possible to BE FEET. Injini’s do just that.

Contact me to get your order started.




If you have been around the Tri World for more than 3 minutes, you know what Headsweats are. They are the top pic of athletes to keep the liquid awesome out of their eyes. Oh and they look good doing it too. Well Take it on the Run and Headsweats have teamed up a bit to provide you some Hats & Visors of your own. So, if you are in the market for a new hat/visor and want to show your support for the smallest running business around, contact me. Cost on the hats and visors will be $24.

So awesome.
So. Awesome.

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