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The hits just keep on coming. TIOTR is stoked to announce 2 more amazing brands to our family of awesome. Craft & Karhu. These two brands are perfect for the vision of Take it on the Run, offering high-quality products you can put to the test. Let’s review shall we?


Craft is best known for their base layers. This is their bread and butter. They make insanely comfortable, form-fitting base layers that will increase your performance in both hot and cold conditions. Recently they have made their way into the running apparel space and offer a full line of men’s and women’s wears. If you aren’t familiar with their running clothes, we should talk, like now. I can promise you the execution off their clothing is spot on.  My favorite is their Cross Country Jacket. A simple straight forward jacket that will keep you protected in some nasty stuff.



Now, Karhu is not well known in the US, but they have a deep rooted history in running. Seriously, their history is impressive. From being the shoe choice of Emil Zatopek in the ’52 Olympics to designing (and later selling) a familiar 3 stripe design, they know what is going on.

Recently, their shoes have been getting some great reviews in all the right places. As I experiment more with these shoes, I’ll be reviewing them here on the blog also. In the meantime, check out their line of shoes here and let me know when you want to try them out.


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